If you are looking for custom auto rims to update your car, you can get the best quality rims and at good prices when you look for financing companies that specialize in loans for custom rims and tires. There are a number of these companies on the internet and most of them will make getting new rims and tires quick, easy and for payments that are low.

Why finance

Custom auto rims and tires are considered big ticket items so most drivers will need to find financing in order to buy these items for their car. By having them financed, many car owners now have the opportunity to own new and custom rims and at a fairly good price. To obtain rim financing you will need to meet a number of requirements that most finance companies will need. Do not forget to apply for auto insurance. If you are tight on your budget, you can opt for very cheap car insurance no down payment at Young America Insurance.


Financing requirements usually will be:

  • Minimum income of $1000 monthly
  • Been with current employer for at least 6 months or 180 days
  • Checking account opened no less than 3 months with no overdrafts
  • 18 years or older
  • And for some an application fee paid at time of purchase

Extra fees

There are some financing companies that will not ask for a fee or any obligation to buy your custom rims through them. But most financing companies will. So you need to look at the requirements before filling out an application. And if their terms and requirements look too good to be true they might be, so do further investigation.

Financing options

These financing companies will usually offer 3 options for payment such as:

  • 90 day payment option
  • 50-65% early buy out option of remaining payment after 90 days with minimum payment required
  • Full term 12 year option

Many financing companies also offer ‘Bad Credit or No Credit’ approval with no credit check. But to get these options you will normally have to agree to buy your tires and custom rims through them. Also some of these options are not available in some states due to state laws.

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